1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible "Peggy Sue"
The Original 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible "Peggy Sue". Now in Sam Pack's Museum!!

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Hi, This is Peggy Sue. Click here to check Out My Home Page with Biograpphy and Merchandise.
Hi. This is Peggy Sue. Click my photo to see my home page including my biography and special "Peggy Sue LLC" merchandise.

Buddy HollyStarted in 1990 with Cars and Parts magazine doing a full body off restoration for the upcoming 35th anniversary. There is a complete restoration manual detailing every aspect of the 1957 Chevy. Below are a few exerpts from that manual. Then, to make the car more desirable, John added some N.O.S. options.and The Crickets

Original 1957 Chevy "Peggy Sue" Restoration

This was a monumental challenge requiring perseverance, intelligence, trade connections, experience in the fine art of vehicle restoration and an investment of $145,000 plus to restore this 1957 Chevy. Numerous New Old Stock (N.O.S.) and many U.S. reproduction parts were donated. This was certainly one of those rare experiences that is afforded few people in their lifetime and the result is "Peggy Sue".

1957 Chevy - Book PageBeneath the faded paint, tarnished chrome, and battered metal, one could see a glimmer of the beauty that once graced this 1957 Chevy known as "Peggy Sue". Disassembling a prized collector car is akin to a child opening presents on Christmas morning. Proceed with caution as our aging 1957 Chevy will regain her original glamour and vitality.
1957 Chevy - Book PagePeggy Sue had a heart of gold in the Chevy 283 that originally spirited her off the assembly line out in Oakland, California. That same heartbeat will be recaptured in spirit when the freshly rebuilt 283 V-8 fills the empty  cavity up front of this 1957 Chevy. The 283 Power Pack numbers matching engine cylinder heads were modified with hardened valve seats to accept unleaded gasoline.
1957 Chevy - Book PageWhile modern technology has made numerous inroads in the art of automobile restoration, there are still many techniques that have been around for centuries that are still in practice today. For instance, metal working dates back to the days of the knights in armor. The process is still ideal for removing low spots in the metal panels of about any kind since no body filler is required.
Pictures and captions came from "Peggy Sue - 1957 Chevy Restoration" guide. Both soft and hard cover editions are now very rare and sought after.