1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible "Peggy Sue" 1/18th Scale Die Cast

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Hi, This is Peggy Sue. Click here to check Out My Home Page with Biograpphy and Merchandise.
Hi. This is Peggy Sue. Click my photo to see my home page including my biography and special "Peggy Sue LLC" merchandise.

Buy Now !!Buddy HollyThe most sought after 1957 Chevy convertible. This is the only one of its kind. It has been registered and given the name "Peggy Sue". No other 1957 Chevy has that distinction. Her portrait has been done by a well known artist and a limited number of prints were made. A 35th anniversary addition diecast was produced through Cars + Parts Magazine and only a few now exist. I have commissioned Ertl (RC2) to produce a limited 50th anniversary edition that will be better than ever, more true to the real specifications of the actual "Peggy Sue" car that now resides in a Dallas, Texas museum. Truly "One of a Kind".and The CricketsBuy Now !!

Details of the 1957 Chevy Die Cast

All the colors of the panels, dash, seats, floors and steering wheel were made to match the original Peggy Sue car that sits in a Dallas museum. Right down to the Fuzzy Dice!

Interior of 1957 Chevy Die Cast
Engine of 1957 Chevy Die Cast

The engine detail is un matched by any 57 die cast today. Notice the yellow battery caps, air cleaner sticker, oil filler and valve covers writing.

Chassis Number
All cars have been assigned a chassis number. We have even followed the proper VIN prefix. Using a VC57O- in front of every number. Your title will have this number, your name and your address printed on it.

VIN 1957 Chevy Die Cast